The leadership team

Company values

Stark Future’s mission is to lead the way towards a sustainable motorcycle industry, by reducing plastic and CO2 pollution. This will be achieved by building sustainable products that are superior to traditional technology in terms of Performance, Emotion and Design. The Ambition: • Inspire to sustainability by offering a game changing experience • Limit global warming by reducing CO2 pollution • Save lives by reducing plastic pollution • Be a leader in Quality using sustainable materials • Be a leader in Performance, Innovation and technical exploration • Design functional and timelessly beautiful products • Be great at Sourcing, to make premium products available to more people • Enhance user experience by persistently simplifying functionality The Philosophy: Stark Future’s logo represents the company´s full-circle mentality, sustainability & strive for perfection. Uncompromising with results, the logo is 24 Karat gold to reflect the desire to be number 1. Our work mentality is based upon three pillars: WE CHALLENGE THE NORM TO IMPROVE HOW THINGS ARE DONE WE SEARCH FOR THE LIMIT, WE ADAPT AND WE SET CLEAR, SMART AND INSPIRING GOALS WE DELIVER OUTSTANDING RESULTS